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In 2011, our CEO Chris and Deputy CEO Karen started working for a diversified financial services group that had great products but faced all the problems of poor legacy systems, a rising regulatory burden, and incomplete data.

As a small financial services group, we realised that the opportunities didn’t lie in volume business and that you needed a specialist set of skills to be able to provide niche financial services.

That typically meant the 30% of business that falls outside of the mainstream of which 10% is high net worth, and 20% is people with limited resources. We saw the opportunity lay in being able to provide the right products, services and systems cost effectively.

To our mind, the best intermediaries were embedded at the heart of a local community or interest group, but the general move of things to online has made that position harder and harder.

We want to try and help intermediaries put that personalisation and trusted relationship back into the local community by offering them the opportunity to replicate some of the reciprocal business relationships of the high street, by finding ways in which customers can benefit from other customers’ services and facilitating that online so it doesn’t prejudice core business.

Our frustration was intermediaries came to us with great product ideas their clients really needed, but they were either too small, too complicated or too slow (because of the tools the industry had at its disposal) to make a success of them.

We therefore set out building a business that could provide the next generation of tools to the financial services intermediary so that they didn’t have to spend either the huge time or cost to build what was necessary for cutting edge innovation.

In February 2018, we bought ourselves out so that we could offer our products to a wider audience and be free of conflict which allows us to work with more businesses who want to make a genuine change.

We’d love to share stories and also explain you how we can help you on your journey!

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