Adding extra value: Tim Harris of Chips Away - Stubben Edge

Chips Away is a service that people need when something bad happens, but what if you could take out an insurance plan to sort out any future supermarket dings or dents?

That was the problem we wanted to solve for Tim Harris and the team at Chips Away and the timing proved spot-on, as getting your car repaired at home, or at the workplace, made life easier when travel was restricted by COVID-19 guidelines.

The whole ethos here at Stubben Edge is about Start, Run & Grow, because new ideas, new products are always exciting to build and launch. Then you really want to see them grow, which often means added value for the consumer. So we built something that was affordable, covered three repairs to a set value per year and yes, we made it easy-peasy with all that compliance/GDPR goodness too.

You see, your customers aren’t interested in what goes on under the insurance product bonnet, they just want their car repaired by a trained technician. If you can spread the cost with a monthly plan, then that makes life sweeter as well.


Chips Away had already spotted that many people now lease rather than buy a car, but what drivers sometimes forget is that the vehicle has to be returned in the same condition at the end of that lease period.

That means those little scrapes and dents, or little scruffs, all need a little TLC. Raising the bar a tad, manufacturers are now adding more tech inside the bumpers, requiring a more skilled repair. So Stubben Edge built an insurance solution for the modern car market, that helps Chips Away grow their business by boosting customer loyalty.

Here’s what Tim Harris at Chips Away told Insurance Edge magazine;

“What we find at Chips Away is that drivers who use ADAS systems are often generally more careful car renters, or owners. We’re starting to see more complex repair and calibration jobs on modern vehicles where the cameras, or LiDAR sensors are in the bumpers.

This is all stuff that you need to build into your insurance plan of course, because a nearly new electric or hybrid car with lots of ADAS may well take extra time to repair compared to a conventional petrol or diesel car. What we liked about Stubben Edge is that they are a `can-do’ company, they created something useful in a short space of time.

All our Chips Away staff will be accredited ADAS repair operatives in 2022, to the IMI standard and we feel this is the right way to go. Manufacturers have to have the confidence that all repair specialists are working to agreed standards across the sector.”

Everyone is using technology more across the insurance sector, because all that data gives you customer insights you can use. Stubben Edge can build something that slots into your company website, apps and marketing strategy and adds real value. Every day.