AI-enhanced analytics for the financial services industry | Stubben Edge


Stubben Edge can help your business quickly transform its performance by really getting to the heart of it, enhancing your understanding of its true value in an instant without waiting for costly manual analysis from actuaries.

The world is changing constantly; more and more the high street is going online. We help you mitigate and manage that change so you can get ahead of the competition.

Find out where you’re losing value

Using data technology and analytics we can tell you who your customer is, where they are and how much more money they could be spending with you. You don’t need to keep on leaking value to your competitors. Using our proprietary machine learning techniques we can significantly impact the efficiency of your business: 

  • Control and monitor KPIs such as loss ratios, claims frequencies, claims severities, sales volumes, churn etc.
  • Manage risk: predict future claims experience
  • Improved reserving methodologies and regulatory reporting
  • Drive higher sales volumes customer segmentation and predictive lead generation
  • Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Improved customer value management: up-sell, cross-sell, retention

Alongside the financial services sector, these approaches can help you in Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Travel & Hospitality, Technology and many other industries.

Predict your future with confidence

Our approach to Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation can help you understand:


  • Descriptive analytics to discover what is happening in your business
  • Diagnostic analytics to give you insight into why it happened
  • Predictive analytics to help you predict when it will happen again
  • Prescriptive analytics to ensure you can prevent errors from happening again

Where can small changes in your business produce big outcomes?

Multiple business functions will benefit from our insight, automation and flexibility:

  • Finance (including Tax & Audit)
    • Budgeting and Forecasting
    • Profitability Analysis
    • Performance Management
    • Financial Reconciliations (closing and consolidation)
    • Statutory Reporting, Management Reporting, Disclosure Management
  • Marketing – CRM, loyalty
  • Sales – CRM, payment options
  • Operations – admin, job management, appointment booking