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General Insurance Brokers

Customer engagement

Do you only communicate with your policyholders when there’s a renewal or a claim? We can use our AI-powered analytics to segment those customers who are most likely to become avid supporters of your business.

Using our range of loyalty and marketing technology, we can then tell you when where and how to engage with those consumers whilst providing you with the support to actually do it!

Customer retention

If you normally retain 80% of your customers, then in just 2.5 years the majority will have walked out of the door. We can help you identify those customers who are most likely to go and put in place the right reward programmes, unique product offerings and marketing technology to ensure your customers become your greatest ambassadors.

New products

Do you find that every insurer says that they want niche but every underwriter will only offer vanilla? Combining Stubben Edge’s technology and analytics platform, we can provide you with access to the right capacity partner and help you shape the proposition using our wide industry data set.

If you have built an existing niche scheme, sometimes the hardest thing to know is what product to offer next. Our AI-powered analytics can predict the underwriting result for your book of business across various different product streams helping you know where to start and how to position conversations with your insurer partners.

Expand distribution

Relevant high-quality leads are the lifeblood of any modern broker. If you need results fast, we can plug you into our network of lead generators to help you transact business through our platform. If you’ve got a product that you want to place on the aggregators and gain volume distribution, we can integrate your product with the aggregators and make sure your product appears within the two second window. We can also help ensure your technology is robust enough to cope with the volume of quotes at scale as well as assist you with the analytics to ensure underwriting as well as commercial success.

Sometimes the best business can come from word of mouth. By providing your existing customers with a holistic customer engagement platform, we can turn those customers into your best brand ambassadors and generate reciprocal business and strengthen relationships and drive the bottom line.

Improve cross-selling

For a long time, general insurance brokers have been at the heart of the community and are uniquely placed to understand their customers’ hopes, wants and dreams. Sometimes, that right solution might require different financial services products or risk mitigation services.

Using our technology platform, we provide a safe and easy way for general insurance brokers to access life insurance, mortgage and pensions in a regulatory-compliant infrastructure.

Once you have selected those products which you wish to sell, we automate the creation of your marketing funnels across everything from social media and webinars to email and SMS campaigns, allowing you to cross-sell those products at scale and deliver bottom line results at lightning speed.