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General Insurers

Customer engagement

Do you find that you only communicate with policyholders when they have a renewal or a claim? We can use our AI-powered analytics to segment customers so you can see who is most likely to become an avid supporter of your business.

Then, using our range of loyalty and marketing technology we can then tell you when, where and how to engage with those consumers (at scale) whilst providing you with the support to actually do it!

Customer retention

If in normal circumstances you retain 80% of your customers, then in just 2.5 years over half of them will have walked out of the door. We can help you identify those customers who are most likely to go and put in place the right reward programmes, unique product offerings and marketing technology to ensure your customers become your greatest ambassadors.

We understand that a large part of an insurer’s business comes from intermediaries, whether that’s brokers or affinity partners. We help insurers retain those valuable intermediary partners by delivering tailored loyalty programmes, customisable technology, and insights on the underlying consumers. As such, we help your insurance offering stand out to the broking market whether it’s a delegated authority or simply wholesale business.

New products

Margins in vanilla business are typically under pressure. The ability to respond to market demand and a changing underwriting environment is key for an insurer to stand out. Combining Stubben Edge’s technology and analytics platform, we can provide you with the right tools to assess, build and administer a new insurance product cost effectively and quickly.

If you have built an existing niche scheme, sometimes the hardest thing to know is what product to offer next. Our AI-powered analytics can predict the underwriting result for your book of business across various different product streams helping you know where to start and how to position conversations with your broker partners.

Expand distribution

We work with insurers to expand their distribution using our network of intermediary partners. Across personal and commercial lines, we help deliver a regulated sales channel that can grow an insurer’s business profitably whilst managing the conduct risk.

If you’ve got a product or scheme that you’re struggling to generate the necessary volume or required loss ratio, we can help assess the target market using our proprietary data and analytics as well as plugging you in to our network of intermediary partners.

Sometimes the best business can come from word of mouth. By providing your existing customers with a holistic customer engagement platform, we can turn those customers into your best brand ambassadors and generate reciprocal business and strengthen relationships and drive the bottom line.

Improve cross-selling

Insurance is all about trust. After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Lloyd’s of London ordered its American agents to “pay all claims in full, irrespective of the terms of their policies.” Despite the short-term cost, the good will engendered established the reputation of Lloyd’s for the next 100 years.

At Stubben Edge, customer service is of the utmost importance. Our powerful technology stack can help you manage and administer claims, and our AI-enabled analytics will help you understand which customers are most likely to make a claim or to leave.

Our loyalty platform offers its users a personalised, localised or nationwide range of discounts and rewards from top retailers to help build and maintain strong relationships while driving your bottom line.