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Insurance Products

Traditional insurance companies offer traditional policies and don’t often delve into the smaller or more niche areas that need attention. At Stubben Edge we can offer you a range of ways to give your clients more of what they want, including off-the-shelf or bespoke insurance products, whilst also saving you time and resources.



Pre-loaded financial services products

  • We can offer you carefully selected financial services products that our extensive range of partners have created to help you offer a broader offer to your clients
  • Maximise the value you offer your customers by using our data and machine learning capabilities to assess which products will be of most value to them
  • With our loyalty platform at your disposal as well, you can add additional discounts and benefits to your financial services product to create the perfect bundle

Build your own financial services product

  • Do you have a target client base in mind, or perhaps a new product idea you want to launch? Using our data, analytics and technology, we can help you to get to market quickly and access the right capacity partners
  • Extend your business across the value chain by accessing a wider range of financial services products from general insurance and life insurance to mortgages and finance. We can help you maximise your client base by building a full white-labelled financial services offering
  • We can also help you add discounts and benefits as well using our loyalty platform

Share your financial services product with our network of brokers and affinity partners

  • Do you run a scheme or underwrite your own products? We can help you access our range of intermediaries by placing your products on our marketplace at no cost