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Life Insurance Brokers

Customer engagement

Do you struggle with the high cost of acquisition, poor quality leads and the frustrations of out-bounding? We’ve helped many life brokers make the transition to a digitally-enabled operation with engaging customer content, targeted marketing driven by our AI analytics and a seamless customer journey.

We can also offer you an industry-leading CRM capability that will enable you to effectively manage customer opportunities and campaigns.

Customer retention

If you normally retain 80% of your customers, then in just 2.5 years the majority will have walked out of the door. We can give you the ability to analyse your existing client base to understand those at risk of leaving and target them with the right rewards, products and messaging to ensure they become loyal customers.

New products

Have you wasted time or lost opportunities because you don’t have cost-effective access to the right products? We’ve built the industry-leading “multi-insurer quick quote”, enabling you to deliver quote comparisons from the top eight life insurers from a single question set in less than five seconds!

With our white-label employee benefits platform, you give instant access to a constantly-changing range of national retailers, products and services as well as adding your own reward and loyalty benefits.

Expand distribution

Are you looking to expand or enhance your group life offering? With our white labelled employee benefit platform, you can embed your products, documentation and unique offers into your customers’ business within seconds.

To help you expand your products’ distribution, the marketplace functionality of our loyalty platform empowers you to access a range of regulated intermediaries at much lower cost with the benefits passed on to the consumer. We believe life cover should be bought and not sold.

Improve cross-selling

Have you ever been asked by your customer for general insurance or other financial services products? We can provide pain-free access to a full range of general insurance personal and commercial lines as well as the technology and analytics to make a holistic white-label offering.

With no up-front costs and quick turnaround it’s the ideal way for you to dip your toe into this market, or consolidate an existing proposition.