Personalised loyalty platform for financial intermediaries | Stubben Edge


Our loyalty offering is a platform designed for financial intermediaries to provide their users a personalised, localised or nationwide loyalty programme with exclusive promotions and discounts from top retailers.


Quick, easy and flexible

Within minutes you can provide your customers and employees with a high-value reward programme. Customise benefits, branding, and integration. Then use our messaging templates (or build your own) to let your customers or employees know how highly they are valued.

Give customers what they want

Our technology allows you to tailor your offering down to individual postcodes. Our advanced AI will analyse your data to help you segment your client base and tailor what offers would be most of value to them. We can help you turn this into a meaningful source of revenue by building the network alongside you.

Engage with your customers like never before

Make sure your customers are hearing from you. From birthday rewards to surveys we provide the tools for you to continuously engage your customers with the right mix of relevant offers, webinars, events and your own products. We sync with your existing email system to make integration super easy.

Team up with partner businesses

Valued customers spend more. Truly successful businesses invest in connecting with their customers. Whether it’s local discounts or niche suppliers you can add additional benefits straight away.

Marketing campaigns

We take the pain out of designing and implementing multiple marketing campaigns. Using our AI technology, we optimise, automate, and scale your campaigns so you can grow your business.  

With our custom pixel you’ll be able to create personal experiences for your customers, generate meaningful business and successfully retarget warm leads.


Simple, seamless integration with Stripe and GoCardless gets you paid easier, faster. From recurring to one-time to user-based charging to midterm adjustments, Stubben Edge does it all.

Control your brand

You remain in control of what your customers see, when they see it and what they are offered. Your customers are fully ring fenced.

Mobile and agile

Give your customers full access to your content with the new Stubben Edge mobile app. Get ready for deeper engagement, more connections, and more learning as your audience truly connects with your rewards, communities, and products. Included with every Stubben Edge platform.