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Our beliefs

At Stubben Edge, we believe that despite the globally-interconnected world in which we live, local communities still matter. Once upon a time, insurance brokers and financial advisers were at the heart of those communities. We use technology to ensure they can maintain that role and use products and data to empower them to be more efficient businesses. As a result, they can find more customers, have more conversations, and solve more people’s problems.

This is why we believe:

  • People can always be subject to the lottery of life, but it is our duty to ensure that we can minimise its impact as much as possible
  • Unfortunately, mismanagement of money is one of the biggest reasons for homelessness, and so we believe it is our role to help support our customers to make better choices and look after their money better
  • In a world where risks are occurring quicker than we can assess them, a broker is vital in helping real people get the cover they need to protect them and their families
  • The best brokers have trodden in your shoes – small businesses need brokers who understand their problems because they live them
  • People buy from people and the human touch is important – technology allows people to spend more time with people and serve their needs better
  • People don’t care whether they can get rid of the risk, save against it or protect against it
  • The biggest opportunity for a broker comes from having the right tools at the right time so the customer doesn’t have to choose
  • We want to reduce the costs of delivering market-leading insurance so more people can enjoy lives that are less vulnerable to life’s challenges. As Sam Walton said “The costs and profit margins of your suppliers are a fraud on your customer”

That’s why our ethos as your partner is always to be niche, bespoke and nimble.