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Our ethos

  • Our business very much has data, analytics and technology at its heart but that’s only part of the story – what really matters to us is you being able to spend sufficient time with your clients and them getting the service they need.
  • We aim to automate as many processes and tasks as we can so you can invest more into people, not remove them. We also hate being held in a call centre queue!
  • Because of this, we don’t have a target customer size. We just want to work with interesting companies who want to do interesting things. It’s meant that we’ve rejected projects in the past as they weren’t the right fit for us.
  • We are technical experts in a range of disciplines, but our most valued attribute is our independence of mind, culture and conflict.
  • We think that the financial services sector works best when it is embedded in the real world.
  • We are fortunate to provide technology to non-financial clients (from repair companies to housing associations) and so can help you shape your proposition, link your business and develop your proposition using additional data sources or a ground-up approach.

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