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Partner programme

Financial services is about trust. For companies from retailers to publishers, it’s often a natural progression in their business to add insurance or protection products alongside their existing offering. Our Partner Programme de-risks this decision by allowing you to access the full range of our intermediaries’ products, as well as providing the technology to implement this and the expertise and support to make this a success.

Insurance or protection products can reduce the friction in your existing buying process by covering the risk of a transaction. It can also provide a valuable means of establishing loyalty among a membership group or as a means to reward staff. Navigating who to go to and what to do can often be hard because the products are often provided by different regulated intermediaries. Our platform pulls this together and turns what would have been a six-month job into a six-minute selection process.

Whatever your motivation, whether it’s rewarding staff or customers, or providing a means to build up a growing annuity income, by joining forces with Stubben Edge you immediately get access to our intermediary partners’ products and expertise. This allows you to build an additional revenue stream by embedding our offering in one of three simple ways:

  1. Banner advertising
  2. Iframe
  3. API link

The Partner Programme allows you to maximise the value of your customer relationships by extending your offering to include financial services products which can otherwise be hard to find and costly to implement.

How the Partner Programme has helped other companies

Through working with us, a leading vehicle bodywork repair company with a fantastic reputation for providing high quality car body work repairs like minor paintwork scratches, bumper scuffs, dents, and alloy wheel repairs can now offer their customers scratch and dent insurance, a cost-effective way to insure the paintwork on their vehicle.

We helped the developers of an app designed to match passengers with nearby drivers via a mobile phone app and wanted to offer their drivers more certainty over their future income. Working with Stubben Edge meant drivers could take out a policy to protect their income if they were unable to drive for work through illness or injury.

A leading global provider of IT governance, risk management and compliance solutions, with a special focus on cyber resilience and data protection partnered with us to embed both first- and third-party cover against loss of data and business interruption as part of their product offering.

What the Partner Programme offers

The programme offers you the chance to select from a range of our intermediaries’ financial services products to build a world-class offering alongside your existing business. We’re able to provide:

  1. A single product
  2. A suite of general insurance protection and wealth management products
  3. A comparison engine to sit alongside your suite of products

We recognise that companies want to ensure brand consistency across their offering, and so all products are capable of being white labelled to suit your own style and guidelines.

How is the Partner Programme managed?

Our AI-powered analytics engine is constantly learning and refining the selection criteria to help you understand the best products for your consumers and make suggestions to allow you to grow the value of your customer proposition. Our network of intermediaries is only growing, and as a partner you’re informed of developments so you can plan, track and grow without having to search for new products.

How does it work?

We install a cookie on your site which will track views and conversions of our financial services products on your site to automatically calculate and credit Partner commission for you.

You will then be credited with a percentage of each sale made through the link placed on your site. As long as the purchase is made within 30 days on the same browser the link was clicked, the Partner will be credited with the transaction.

Clear and transparent payments

You will be credited with a percentage of sales completed within 30 days of the link being clicked on your site. Payments to you are made within 30 days after this event.

It is important to note that the Partner Programme is designed to help you maximize revenue with the partnerships and relationships you create by tracking your Affiliate transactions. This design allows you the freedom and the flexibility to pay your Affiliates through your preferred payment methods, empower you to determine the payment schedule most beneficial to you and your Affiliates, and gives you complete control over your business finances and accounting.


Whereas normal partner or affiliate programmes base their revenue on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, earning you merely pennies from a banner click, our Partner Programme offers you the chance to profit from a customer’s true life-time value.

Based on the financial services products sold, you will earn a percentage of the ongoing recurring revenue (typically insurance partners coming through a trusted brand will stay for 7-11 years), allowing you to build a powerful subscription-style income model rather than receiving a much lower one-off payment and losing control of the consumer relationship.

You will also get far more insight into your consumers to help drive your core business. By partnering with our financial services intermediaries, you gain access to their rich experience of consumer behaviour modelling, allowing you to enhance your database and offset the cost of maintaining it.