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Customer loyalty can make or break a business, especially in certain industries where trust is everything. However, it can be a tricky thing to cultivate. Ultimately, people are driven by their own motives and often if a different brand offers a better, cheaper alternative they’ll be tempted to jump ship regardless of the long-term consequences.

So, how do you build a relationship with your customers so that they want to stay true to your brand and keep buying from you? Take a look at our guide to loyalty management softwares that helps you stay ahead of the game.

Choose a platform that lets you communicate with your customers

Sometimes if a business has been around for a while they can forget to communicate in a way that remains current. However, technology is everywhere and nowadays people expect to be able to contact you pretty much 24/7. If you’re not offering this kind of omnichannel customer service then your customers are likely to feel let down.

Embracing technology is a huge part of being able to offer your customers more, whilst ensuring that you don’t have to break the bank trying to keep in touch. Adopting a loyalty management software that offers services like an online help desk that harnesses AI and chatbots to respond to requests, can be an amazing way to offer a more holistic customer service journey. 

Remember that added value is what distinguishes you from the competition 

When it comes to what makes you different as a company, businesses always seem to focus on their people and their brand being better. Whilst that’s a great answer, what most customers are interested in is how you can add value to their lives over a competitor. 

Sure – sometimes this could be with impeccable service and an amazing product, but an even more simple way to add value could be with a loyalty platform that connects them with the rewards they want.

By building a localised online marketplace to help you reward your existing clients and incentivise new customers, a platform that helps you add value on top of traditional service is important.

Try a loyalty program and see how it is received

Most companies write off loyalty programs before they’ve even tried them out, and this can be especially true for more old school industries like insurance and finance that have always operated in a certain way.

However, if you don’t invest in a loyalty management software that offers loyalty program capabilities and the option to analyse how that performs, then your business could be missing out.

With 52% of customers joining a loyalty program where one is offered, there’s reason to believe that the average consumer likes to be part of a loyalty scheme. Plus, with a loyalty management software that offers data analytics, loyalty programmes can be a great way to learn more about how your customers consume.

Look for a loyalty management software that allows you to promote your own services

Loyalty management softwares should enable you to promote your own offers as well as those of other companies. In this sense, a good loyalty management platform should be tailored to your business and offer an alternative revenue stream.

By promoting your own services with exclusive offers, you also gain the benefit of added marketing opportunities. Extending your distribution channels in this way can boost sales and broaden your reach, which should result in increased loyalty and brand awareness.

Are you looking for the perfect loyalty management system for your business? Take a look at our frequently asked questions to learn more about Stubben Edge. You can also read up on the four key benefits of a customer loyalty platform to discover how it could boost your business.

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