Who we work with

Not only do we work with you to create the best possible Business-in-a-Box, but we bring together Brokers, Insurers, Retailers & Affinity Partners within our network, to enable you to make the connections to Start, Run and Grow your business…



We provide access to customers, products and enable more efficient admin.
We offer you access to a GDPR-compliant database of over 12 million new customers to target.
Plus, you can harness our AI-powered analytics to segment those customers who are most likely to become avid supporters of your business.
Our integrated solutions also make managing your customers, products and distribution simple and flexible.

Managing General Agents

We empower Managing General Agents (MGA) to expand and sell products as well as providing data to build their own models.
We provide comprehensive product benchmarking, profitability analysis and ultimate loss ratio modelling (ULR).
As a result, you can get capacity quicker and on better terms.
Plus, by listing your products on our marketplace, you gain access to a wide network of regulated distributors immediately.


We can provide you with the right tools to assess, build and administer a new insurance product cost-effectively and quickly.
We can expand your distribution using our network of partners across personal and commercial lines. Delivering a regulated sales channel that can grow profitably and manage the conduct risk.
Plus, our technology stack helps manage and administer claims and give you a more sophisticated understanding of your customers.


We can offer a wide range of new customers and monetise existing ones.
Our loyalty offering is a platform designed for financial distributors to provide their users with exclusive promotions and discounts from top retailers.
Plus, we can help monetise your customers further by adding Financial Services alongside your standard offers.

Affinity Partners

We help you monetise your existing customers.
By adding financial services to your standard offer, we add value to your products and services by including insurance add-ons that are targeted and important to your customers.
Plus, the opportunity to add even more value to your customers by including our loyalty platform to all your policy holders, and even your staff.

Don’t make it hard to run a brokerage, make it work for you!