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Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs)

Customer engagement

Are you looking for businesses to connect with in your local area that can drive cost-effective referrals, and to make that process more efficient?

Using our database of over 11 million people and our advanced, AI-powered analytics, we can help you pinpoint the businesses to talk to, when to talk to them and what to talk to them about, driving unique referrals to your business.

Customer retention

Does it seem that the price of servicing your clients only goes up, and to meet that the minimum portfolio size only increases? We’ve built cost-effective technology that massively improves your efficiency, allowing you to do more business and increase the range of clients you can service profitably.

It’s all well and good retaining customers, but one of the biggest threats to the intermediary market is the lack of competitive Professional Indemnity (PI) and Directors & Officer (D&O) insurance. We’ve built a comprehensive analytics framework that gives insurers the comfort they need to look beyond the spreadsheet. We help those IFAs who’ve been lumped in with the crowd and because of that might have been penalised for a risk they don’t have.

New products

With the constant changes in tax environment, product innovation looks increasingly like “Back To The Future”. We’ve helped a number of IFAs develop, build and implement their own protection or general insurance offerings to complement their core wealth business. We can help you do this quickly and cost effectively.

Sometimes you might need a second opinion on a new product or a complex case. Our in-house actuarial expertise coupled with our AI-powered analytics can help support you in modelling or reviewing complex decisions.

Expand distribution

Financial services distribution can be complex because you’re not selling a product, you’re selling a service that can last generations. However, using our combination of data, analytics and product benchmarking, we can help you shape your proposition for the digital era. From webinars to social media, your campaign management is completely taken care of with you totally in control.

Having built the distribution funnels for a number of financial services businesses, we understand the importance of removing laborious or repetitive tasks from the workstream, which can eat up a surprising amount of time. Some of our biggest successes have come from automating fact finds, KYC and client onboarding so leads turn into clients quicker and at a higher rate.

Improve cross-selling

Sometimes the biggest value is within your existing client base, but whilst everyone knows it, very few find the time or have the resource to make it someone’s day job. We take away that pain by analysing your client base using only a small amount of information to unlock a treasure trove of insight.

Using our AI-powered analytics, we can tell you what your customers might want, when they might want it, and what’s most relevant to them. We then work with you to embed this understanding into your existing sales process, to turn insight into an actionable revenue stream.

If you’re thinking of expanding into a new area, of have an area of business that’s growing, we have a long experience of assessing procedures and processes to find where automation can play a key part in removing cost, risk and inefficiency, and can solidify your operations for further growth.