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Financial services for a new generation

The financial services industry is broken.

Poor legacy systems, the rising regulatory burden, antiquated processes, and incomplete data has meant the industry is stuck in the past. 

We want to change that. Our innovative technology platform enables insurance distributors like you to sell better financial products cheaper, faster and to more people. 

But it’s not just technology for existing brokers. We want to help a whole new generation of people to gain financial freedom by starting their own broker or AR business. 

With our unique combination of intuitive tech and wide-reaching brands and distribution, we are on a mission to expand the market and help more people access invaluable financial services.  

Everything you need to power your business

We strive to be the UK’s most comprehensive financial marketplace and community. Let us help you distribute and trade your products and services to a directly relevant audience.

Innovative technology

  • We are the first insurance distribution platform dedicated to helping you run your business.
  • Find everything you need to start or grow a brokerage in one easy-to-use place.
  • Join for free and only pay for features as you see results.
  • Get set up and synced with your website in 24 hours.

Market-leading brands

  • Want to go from selling 10,000 policies to 100,000 policies?
  • Find customer leads with our two brands, Save More Money (serving b2c) and (serving b2b).
  • Access more relevant customers through the sites and our leads marketplace to grow revenue and GWP.

Knowledge and advice

  • We combine tech with community.
  • We’re on a mission to help more people access financial products. And we see brokers like you as key partners in helping us achieve that.
  • Get the tools and training to help you supercharge your business – while being part of a strong community. Lean on our team of industry experts.

Freedom from comparison sites

We know that comparison sites can’t offer the same level of service as you, but it’s not always easy to compete with their spending power and huge online presence. 

Investing in technology is the only way to truly challenge them, but that can be costly, with little reward.  

At Stubben Edge, we’re doing all the hard work for you. Be part of something bigger, and feel the benefits of collective buying power, powerful data and a huge customer pool. 

About us

We want people to fall in love with insurance not fall into insurance. 

Whether you’re an existing broker, or someone brand new to the industry, we’re on a mission to make it easier for you to run a successful business.

We’re passionate about creating innovative products and technology and are building a portfolio of brands and businesses that help power our goal: to change financial services forever. 

Discover our digital platform

Introducing Flightdeck, the online platform revolutionising insurance. Sell policies, manage documents seamlessly, empower policyholders, and stay on top of your business with an intuitive dashboard. Join us on this transformative journey to revolutionize your insurance operations.

Let us help you start, run, and grow your insurance business today. 

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