From sign-up to set up within 24 hours, our cutting-edge tech can save you on average 30% on admin from the start.

Access our extensive range of off-the-shelf features, services, products and technology to enable you to run efficiently and effectively.

Our GDPR-compliant database of over 12 million potential customers enables you to precisely target and turbo-drive your growth.

  • Reshapes insurance distribution
  • Provides market-leading products
  • Includes seamless end-to-end admin

Within 24 hours, our technology fully integrates with your website.
With the ability to white-label the customer experience, add powerful business management capabilities and use our pay-as-you-go pricing model we are fully aligned to drive your success.

GDPR-compliant customers

Save on average 50% on customer acquisition: With over 12m GDPR-compliant customers at your fingertips, there’s nothing to hold you back.

Bespoke insurance products

Products: Access to niche off-the-shelf and bespoke insurance products that you  can sell as your own on your website in days. Saving on average up to 6 – 12 months on product development.

Time-saving admin

Admin: From premium collection to policy document issuance, we provide all the product admin your business requires. Saving an average of 30% on operational costs and time, enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Retaining your customers

Retention: Winning your client’s business is only half the job. We help improve retention rates by on average 10% a year, whether you want to reward customers, build membership schemes or offer employee benefit.

Only pay for successfully generated leads

Customers: We’ve built the largest database of insurance customers in the UK for our brokers to access. We charge our brokers on successful leads generated, reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

Reducing rates for everyone

Our products: Because we reduce the cost for an insurer, we pass the savings achieved to the end customer, which helps us to create the most competitive rates in the market.

A wider reach with ease

Selling YOUR products: Community members can upload their own products so other members can sell them to their customers. They keep their customers, you keep your products and you grow your distribution cost-effectively.

More products for you to grow

Selling OTHER products: As a community member, you can access and sell other members’ products across the full range of financial services. Whether that is adding finance, investments or even discounts and rewards, it enhances your offering and fuels growth in your business.

See how much we could help you

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Your costs

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How it works

  • Join our network and download the app for free. Create your Broker or Personal Profile.
  • Access tools to simplify your admin and better control your operating costs.
  • Integrate your marketing and CMS into the platform.
  • Secure your customer data, accessible only to you.
  • Search for potential leads you can target your products to and expand your customer base.
  • Access new products to add to your existing offers and create a complete package for your customers.

Build your Loyalty Platform

As a distributor you can offer amazing discounts all year-round. With local, national, and international brands on offer, as well as exclusive news and Hot Deal discounts.
Plus, you can give back to your community by supporting amazing local retailers and independent businesses.

So, you can reward your policy holders for choosing you