Driving innovation and supporting UK ventures

A dedicated capital solution for financial services 

Strategic solutions for finance

Innovative carrier and capital solutions

Example SVGMoving towards a shorter insurance cycle
We can help develop and sustain the insurance balance sheet capacity of our intermediaries and enable them to access permanent capital in a simple, lean and efficient way.

Dedicated wealth management

Example SVGPartnering with our IFA network
Our ambition is to put forward attractive investment solutions that; deliver critical financing for small businesses, help insurance risk takers to find capacity for their risks, and facilitate the growth and development of fintechs and start-ups.

Integrated service platform

Example SVGSupporting our network and wider ecosystem
We can partner with investment management, capital management and corporate finance players as well as developing our own licensed capabilities to provide the most comprehensive approach for our partners, clients and suppliers – be they insurers, brokers, IFAs, fintechs or insurtechs.

Why partner with us?

We offer:

  • Strong connections to the UK insurtech, fintech, wealth management and insurance market (including Lloyd’s of London)
  • Access to our expansive network of brokers and Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) through Flightdeck
  • Flexibility and a practical, solution-oriented approach
  • Backing and support from our seasoned London-based team

Our expert team

Frederic launched his career at the French Ministry of Finance, where he honed his expertise as a Senior Insurance Regulator and Consultant. He then transitioned to a leadership role, overseeing sales teams within the Investment Banking sector.

For nearly a decade, he served as a Managing Director at BNP Paribas, contributing to both the Global Markets and Corporate and Institutional Banking divisions in both Paris and London. Following this extensive experience, Frederic assumed the critical role of Chief Investment Officer at Stubben Edge Group, positioning himself as an accomplished professional in the investor community.

Frédéric Morlaye

Chief Investment Officer

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