Supercharge your insurance distribution business

Grow your revenue and GWP and take your brokerage to the next level

Your brokerage’s digital engine

The first platform dedicated to insurance distribution. Find everything you need to grow your brokerage, in one easy-to-use place.

Acquire more customers

Example SVGIncrease customer lifetime value
Grow your customer-base with our market-leading B2B and B2C brands. All leads are fully GDPR-compliant and tailored to your relevant sectors and products.

Let us take care of the admin

Example SVGSave on operational costs and time
We have set up systems, tech and support, so you don’t have to. From premium collection to policy document issuance, we provide all the product admin your business requires.

Ready-made customer journeys

Get access to new insurers and help finding better termsExample SVG
Access to niche off-the-shelf and bespoke insurance products that you can sell as your own on your website in days. Find new insurers and get better terms from your existing ones.

Powerful data analytics

Increase customer lifetime valueExample SVG
Our data centre helps you make profitable decisions. Get insights on everything from which customers are more likely to purchase from you to what products best suit your customer base.

Enhance customer success

Example SVGHappy customers stay longer and buy more
With our CRM capabilities you can set reminders to contact customers, send invoices, track renewal reminders, monitor revenue activity and more.

Transact fully online

Turbocharge your business revenueExample SVG
Increase your revenue with better commissions, more customers and more products. Plus, use our data-analytics to see up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

What does Flightdeck do?

From streamlining workflows to enhancing customer experiences, Flightdeck is the ultimate tool for insurance brokers looking to take their business to the next level. It’s free to join, and you can add more tools as you grow with our premium membership.

Sell seamlessly online

Want to learn more?

Access a host of benefits from day one

With our membership, we can really help you accelerate your growth and give your customers even better service. Plus, get a load of extra benefits for you and your business.


Join our community
£ 0
  • Sign up as an individual only
  • Dashboard
  • CRM
  • Market news
  • Data completeness score
  • Valuation calculator
  • Data playpen


Accelerate your growth
£ 795
  • Access everything from our community offering, plus:
  • Sign up as a company
  • Client portal
  • Policy admin
  • Product marketplace
  • Access to established brands
  • Risk transfer funds
  • Meeting rooms
  • Essential insurances
  • International processing
  • Data enrichment
  • Downloadable data playpen reports

How you and we get paid

Our mission is to expand the market for everyone. We’re using collective buying power to pass on competitive rates.

A wider reach with ease

Example SVG
Community members can upload their own products so other members can sell them to their customers. They keep their customers, you keep your products and you grow your distribution cost-effectively.

More products for you to grow

Example SVG
As a community member, you can access and sell other members’ products across the full range of financial services. Whether that is adding finance, investments or even discounts and rewards, it enhances your offering and fuels growth in your business.

Only pay once you see results

Example SVG
Our membership is free for everyone, and you can access a whole host of community benefits from day one. As you start to grow, you might want to use some of our premium features to help further accelerate your growth and give your customers even better service.

Reducing rates for everyone

Example SVG
Because we reduce the cost for an insurer, we pass the savings achieved to the end customer, which helps us to create the most competitive rates in the market.

Getting started is simple

Launch on Flightdeck in just 24 hours.
Register your interest and one of our team will be in touch to find out more about your needs.
Once you’ve signed our TOBA, create your profile for free to start exploring Flightdeck.
Secure your customer data, accessible only to you, and explore your personalised data insights.
Integrate your marketing and CMS into the platform and get selling from day one.
Access new products to create a complete package for your customers.
Touch base with your dedicated account manager to explore how we can help grow your business.

Who we work with

We partner with a wide-ranging network of intermediaries to offer a tailored solution that works for your business. Find out more about how we could work together below.

Your burning questions, answered

Flightdeck is the only real platform dedicated to insurance distribution. And it’s more than just tech, it’s a financial marketplace that allows you to distribute and trade your products and services to a tailored and relevant audience as well as save you time in the daily running of your business.  

On one platform, you’ll find everything you need to grow and run your brokerage business, including data analytics, ready-made customer journeys and product admin service.  

And, to make things even better, you won’t pay anything unless you upgrade your membership.  

Running a business often comes with an unrelenting amount of admin. And, while much of this admin is necessary for your business’ operation, these tasks reduce the time you can dedicate to growing and developing your brokerage.   

The Flightdeck platform offers systems, tech, and support to save an average of 30% on your operational time and costs. We’ll also cover all your product admin, including premium collection and policy issuance.  

Unfortunately, we can’t take all your business headaches away, but we can certainly help reduce them. 

Across the Stubben Edge network, we already work with 5,500 insurance brokers, 150 MGAs and 40 insurers. 
And our Flightdeck users are growing fast, don’t get left behind. 

We see our broker customers as partners in our mission to level up financial services for all. With Flightdeck, we help our community members access and sell other members’ financial services products to enhance your own offering and revenue – but also to promote wider industry growth.  

The platform is only going to get bigger and better, and your feedback is essential to that.  

Together we can revolutionise financial services for good. 

The standard Flightdeck package is totally free and you can access a whole host of community benefits from day one. 

Upgrading your membership to Flightdeck Passport will give you access to additional tools and capabilities and is £750 monthly. 

At Stubben Edge we have a wide range of brands and revenue streams. With Flightdeck though, the key for us is to help reduce rates for everyone (while of course making some money from products and memberships).  

Most insurers charge expensive premiums. For example, a product might have a premium of £100, of which £60 goes to the insurer and £15 covers the actual expenses. Here at Stubben Edge, we can reduce our insurer’s expenses from £15 down to £5. That £10 saving is then passed on and split between the broker, the policy holder and us. 

Let us help you start, run, and grow your insurance business today. 

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