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Ambition, meet opportunity

Bring your ambition to a dynamic and fast-growing new community of independent insurance businesses. Stubben Edge is the new destination for anyone looking to become an appointed representative or to grow their current business.  

We’re experts in helping appointed representatives access products and services through class leading tech that cuts costs and sharpens your competitive edge. There’s never been a better time, or an easier way, to connect with a wider market.  

Get the support you need to build a pipeline of new business. And build the resilience that comes with delivering a better service to your customers 

Service that takes you further

Partner with Stubben Edge for a solid foundation on which to grow your business and access the full scope of services you need to succeed.

Get help with compliance

Example SVGWe're the directly authorised firm
Given the complexity of insurance regulation, it is a daily challenge to keep up and comply (and to demonstrate that your business complies) with all relevant legislation. As principal, we can help relieve the pressure on your over worked back-office by providing advice and guidance on remaining compliant.

Insurance industry experts

Example SVGWe can share our regulatory knowledge
Our team of experts have a wide breadth of industry knowledge. We can help you from setting up the company to providing guidance even after the firm has become operational. Obtaining help with your application lets you focus on developing your own business.

Access a wide range of markets

Expand your reachExample SVG
Get access to a wide variety of insurers including our captive insurer, the Lloyd’s and London Markets, independent brokers and other key industry players. We work with you to enhance your offering; building your business with products and services that match your needs.

Let us help with your admin

Essential back-office supportExample SVG
We can help you set up all the right systems, tech and support. From premium collection to policy document issuance, we provide all the product admin your business requires

Easily find customers

Example SVGDistribution help to connect with new customers
If you are worried about brand penetration and how you’ll find customers, we’ve got a established customer base with our market-leading B2B and B2C brands, plus leads we've checked are GDPR-compliant tailored to your new business.

Powerful tech and data analytics

Get your new venture off to the best startExample SVG
Access our data centre containing insights on everything from which clients are more likely to make a purchase to what products best suit your customer base to help you make profitable decisions.

A partnership model to help you succeed

Your choices in the next stage of your business journey are your own. Our goal is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible.

Network with a community of insurers to expand your reach. Combined with an enhanced product offering for your clients, this could help you to accelerate growth.

Monetise your reputation by cross-selling your own products and services with ours. Take advantage of recurring revenue sharing opportunities with products already live in the Stubben Edge marketplace.

Seek placement advice and support from us as the principal, so that you can spend more time focusing on your customer’s specific needs.

Leverage a real edge over your competition when it comes to accessing differentiated products, insurer service levels, pricing and a better customer experience for you and your clients.

Pay a one off set up fee and ongoing monthly costs.

Who do we work with?

Fintech and
Fintech and
entering the
UK market
brokers and

Why choose Stubben Edge as your principal partner?

  • Choose Stubben Edge if you’re a start-up business looking to scale up.

  • Choose Stubben Edge if you’re an established business seeking high growth opportunities.
  • Choose Stubben Edge if you’re a European or international insurtech or intermediary looking to access the UK and London market.
  • Choose Stubben Edge and we can help you write your own exit strategy.

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Your burning questions, answered

On average it can take between 6 and 12 weeks to become an Appointed Representative. Although this is dependent on the FCA

To get started, the first thing we need from you is a business plan. We can then help you with everything else. 

Yes, you can! If you’re not regulated already, you can use our license. That way, you can unlock more of your potential without the hassle. 

We have access to a wide range of insurers and MGAs and, therefore, access to a variety of markets. We also offer appointed representatives access to our Insurercore platform, where you can search for a market for a risk or product you have. 

Once you become an appointed representative with us, you’ll get access to our distribution platform Flightdeck where you’ll get access to a range of products including: 

  • Your own CRM system 
  • Niche insurance products: you’ll be protected against any unexpected legal expenses, from property disputes to regulatory compliance. You’ll also get tax protection insurance 
  • Tech systems that reduce your admin load
  • An online data centre with relevant insights 
  • An online marketplace with everything all in one place 

Our pricing is bespoke for each and every partnership.  We ask you to pay a one off small set up fee and continue with a competitive monthly cost which are tailored to you and your business needs.

Yes, we do and you can access this too! As an AR of Stubben Edge you can have access to your own finance facility and benefit from our competitive rates.

If you want to join our AR network or just want to know more, please contact:

Ewelina Kudla, Network Director
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