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I’m starting up as an Appointed Representative

Build on your experience, knowledge, awareness and commitment by using our tech, insights, expertise and access. Start-up as you mean to go on. Everything you need to succeed is here. It’s where your ambition meets opportunity in the UK’s most dynamic broker network.

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I am an Appointed Representative business

Switch to the network that cuts your costs, not corners. Save around 30% on your admin. Buy at preferred rates from a wider range of brokers and insurers. Tap into the network that’s using tech to deliver improved profitability and a better level of customer service, for everyone.

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I run a Directly
Authorised business

One of the most powerful platforms, and the simplest to run. This is a network that delivers the power to innovate and the flexibility to differentiate. Drive deeper relationships with partners and customers. Doesn’t your business deserve to stand out from the crowd?

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Not just a different network, a better one


Get more

Get access to lead generation tools and platforms, databases and outbound marketing.


Capital and
capacity support

Access to the Lloyd’s market, our captive insurer and a range of markets.


Tech, products and platform support

A proprietary platform that’s built around you, and preloaded with products.


Data and

Portfolio modelling, setting loss ratios and pricing models analytics.

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Brilliant back-up, built-in



Management accounts, premium processing, Forecasting and more.



A full suite of compliance tools as well as bespoke support where required.



Assistance with Payroll, people strategy and Employee benefits.

See the savings, instantly

Use the Stubben Edge calculator to model your sales income, costs and GWP - and see the value we can create together.

Understand how to build revenue while reducing admin costs, estimate your savings, and help identify the areas to focus on to improve your competitiveness.

Your income

Tell us a bit more about your current financials, and we'll show you how much more could be making/could be saving.

Your costs

  • Approximated Policies Retained per Year
  • Approximated Annual Gross Written Premium
  • Approximated Annual Turnover
  • Operating Cost
  • Net profit
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Interested in how we
can help you grow?

We’d love to hear about the current position of your business, and where you’re headed. Come to us and we’ll help you grow.

If you want to join our AR Network or just want to know more, please contact:

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Gemma Jarrett, Network Director

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    About Stubben Edge

    Stubben Edge Group specialises in creating innovative products and technology for the financial services and insurance industries.

    With a private client heritage and backed by Lloyd’s Names, the group has expanded to building systems, technologies and cutting-edge analytics. The result? A new distribution portal that’s the only single, networked system for IFAs, brokers and ARs looking to really grow their businesses.

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