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As specialist brokers within a variety of marketplaces, our skills and experience are unparalleled.

Acting on behalf of a wide variety of international companies, multi-national corporations, smaller businesses and individuals, we offer access to a range of specialist insurers (including Lloyds of London), quick turnaround times on all our services, a range of innovative and tested solutions, complete risk analysis and robust insurance coverage.

Our team prides itself on taking the long-term approach coupled with an honest, quality service that puts our customers’ needs at the centre of everything we do.

Our history

Stubben Edge Markets has an impressive heritage and history. In 2022, we acquired GSR, an insurance specialist founded in 2002. A year later, we went on to acquire Blackmore Borley, a bespoke Lloyds broker operating since 1997. 

Now, as one unified Stubben Edge brand, we can offer customers our decades of combined experience, specialist knowledge and tailored coverage plans to make sure our clients have access to the right range of products.

Our services


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We aim to provide our clients with the best underwriting solutions available. And, through managing our first-class reputation with specialist insurers who are experts in this marketplace, we’ve ensured a successful combination of the best price, product flexibility, innovation and first-rate security. Find out more about our product offering below.

Developing a scheme infrastructure

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This requires us to tailor our service to each individual client - defining the type of scheme most suitable for them, and the process may well include the use of outsourced administration or a claims specialist. In these cases, we’ll ensure a reliable management and reporting structure, as well as defining costs and appropriate service standards – something so important in the highly regulated environment our clients now operate.

Product design

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At the heart of our service is the ability to understand and advise on what insurance products will work most effectively for our clients. The answer to this isn’t always obvious, but our experience helps us to put forward solutions that might not have otherwise been considered. Our expertise also allows us to take control of all aspects of product design, including wording and pricing, as well as finding the most suitable profit margin.

Captive insurance companies

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For many retail clients, preserving premium volume and margin through their captive or self-owned insurer is the most effective solution. We can help to arrange this and offer relevant advice along the way.

Our standard products

If you provide a service or advice for your clients, or handle customers’ data or intellectual property, professional indemnity insurance should be a key component in your insurance arsenal. 

If a customer claims they’ve suffered financial losses or that their reputation has been damaged as a result of your work, without professional indemnity insurance, you could find yourself with a hefty pay-out on your hands. 

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While having seniority can be both rewarding and a career highlight, it puts your directors and officers at a higher risk. 

If your directors or officers commit a ‘wrongful act’, even if it was unintentional or unforeseeable, they could become personally liable for their actions. 

Directors’ and officers’ insurance can help to take the stress away if a claim is made against them. 

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Whatever your business model it’s likely you’ll use some degree of information technology. 

And, just as you would protect your physical assets, safeguarding your digital assets is equally as vital, particularly as cyber criminals are becoming more and more savvy. 

A cyber liability insurance policy can help if hackers breach your system. 

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Office-based businesses have fundamental insurance needs and instead of buying each of these insurances separately, office insurance offers you the opportunity to package them together.  

We can customise your office package to suit your business’s needs. 

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It can be hard to imagine that someone would commit a crime against your company; but even with robust controls and processes in place, sometimes fraudulent activity happens. 

Fraudulent acts could harm the financial health of your company and negatively impact your reputation. 

Crime insurance can be a lifeline if you find yourself the victim of fraud. 

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Individual’s regulatory defense insurance offers a regulated individual the ability to defend themselves when an investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority is notified.   

This policy funds the legal defense cost of such an investigation up to the chosen limit of £100,000 or £500,000. 

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Corporate regulatory defence insurance is similar to individual’s regulatory defence insurance. However, it’s purchased by a corporate regulated entity. 

Limits available are from £100,000 to £500,000 for the legal cost incurred when a regulatory investigation is initiated or anticipated. 

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Most professional indemnity insurance policies currently exclude any tax related claims. 

Consequently, we offer professional indemnity insurance with a separate limit allocated to those claims relating to IR35 disputes with HMRC or their clients. 

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Private client insurance is specifically available to individuals and families who have more complex needs and requirements when looking to protect their high value assets. 

It provides bespoke insurance solutions for clients who expect more from their insurance products. 

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Side by side insurance provides legal defence costs when a gun or firearms certificate holder is challenged by the police during their policy period. 

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Public liability insurance protects your business from expensive third-party liability claims alleging bodily injury, property damage or even death to members of the public (i.e. your customers, visitors to your premises or even passers by).  

We’ll also translate the insurance and legal jargon and offer support every step of the way. 

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As a business owner, you take on the risk of potential employee claims, employers’ liability insurance protects you from claims alleging property damage, bodily injury or even death to members of your staff. 

Insurance not only protects them, but also protects your business from a legal, financial and reputational perspective.  

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Employing workers comes with its complexities, particularly ever-evolving employment law rules and regulations. This is where Employment Practices Liability Insurance comes in. 

Employment practices liability insurance can protect you against the financial impact of a claim lodged against a company on the grounds of unfair treatment. 

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As a business owner you’ll undoubtably want to avoid any litigation. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can get out of hand. If you unfortunately find yourself involved in a lawsuit, legal expenses cover could prevent you from having to payout unexpected fees. 

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Whether you have a commercial or residential portfolio, property is one of your biggest assets. That’s why it’s important that your insurance covers all your risks under one roof. 

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Political instability and social unrest across the world have frequently been in the news in recent years. In the current climate, terrorism is a real risk for many businesses and individuals. 

A terrorism insurance policy can protect your business in the event of an attack.  

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