10 reasons to add a loyalty platform for your insurance business

Customer loyalty platforms for brokers have been growing increasingly popular as a way to retain business and engage customers. With the insurance market being more competitive than ever, now is the time to explore the option of a loyalty platform to help you stand out from other companies.

If you’re unsure of whether investing in a customer loyalty platform is the right step for your business, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things you didn’t know about the Stubben Edge loyalty platform to help you decide.

Increase customer retention

Our loyalty platform enables brokers to offer existing clients a wide range of rewards and offers from retailers such as Hotels.com, Boohoo, Bloom & Wild and Vision Express.

These exclusive offers and benefits are fantastic ways to increase customer retention and build loyalty. If your customers can see the value in your company and can get something they can’t with other businesses, they are far more likely to renew their policies with you.

Win new business

Everyone loves a discount so implementing an online loyalty platform can act as a great incentive to win new business. With referral schemes, sign-up rewards and targeted localised discounts, new clients will be drawn to your business without you having to do much at all.

Increase profits

Our online customer loyalty platform gives you the ability to increase your profits by including your own products and services with other companies on the platform, creating a marketplace. Plus, maintaining a loyal and engaged client base can also boost profits while building a great brand reputation.

Create a community

You can create your own online community and gather important insights and feedback from customers on the platform by using and promoting the forums. This feature can provide a huge value to your business as it’ll make your customers feel heard and give you the opportunity to create a unique, tailored service to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Fully customisable

The Stubben Edge platform is fully customisable to your preferences and business needs. Making it a completely unique experience for you and your customers. With a user-friendly interface, local discounts and offers and easy navigation that can be tailored to your company, you’ll have a memorable platform that both staff and customers feel happy to use.

White labelled

Our system is white-labelled, meaning you’ll be able to showcase the best of your brand to clients and stand out in a highly saturated market. Having an instantly recognisable platform with your company’s colours and logos can help to increase customer retention and engagement rates.


In today’s fast-paced world people will forget about your company if you let them. The loyalty platform provides a quick and easy way to market your own products and services. Also, by constantly improving the touchpoint of the platform and adding new unique incentives and rewards your company will always be at the forefront of customer’s minds.


Learn what exactly it is your customers are looking for with our analytics tool to provide a tailored service. Whether it’s local dining discounts, motoring deals, or a new work wardrobe you’ll be able to cater to everyone’s wants and needs with our loyalty platform.

Competitive edge

Many insurance brokerages still carry out their work in an old-fashioned way. While there are some benefits to traditional processes, the world is quickly moving over to making everything digitally accessible. Using an online loyalty platform will give you a competitive edge over traditional brokerages.

Add your own products

The loyalty platform is a great opportunity to open up new selling options as an insurance business. By simply adding your products to the platform you can connect your customers with the relevant products and services, potentially increasing your profits and providing a personalised experience.

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