Stubben Edge and Helodrium join forces to expand capabilities

Complementary insurtech company and insurance consultancy will provide comprehensive services for brokers

Stubben Edge Group is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Helodrium Ltd, an international insurance consultancy business specialising within the London Market in setting up Lloyd’s Brokers, providing Xchanging-approved Ins-sure and Claims services, authorisations and compliance support. The deal is subject to regulatory approval.  

Helodrium has a proven track record of bespoke compliance and regulatory support, helping businesses begin trading in the London & International Insurance Market. With 50 years of experience in this area, they identify their clients’ requirements and potential risks and create tailored strategies to ensure success. The Helodrium team has a detailed understanding of insurance and reinsurance across industries and classes, bringing a commercial viewpoint to regulatory issues. Businesses can rely on Helodrium to help them get started, including tasks such as becoming authorised by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

The Helodrium team will enhance Stubben Edge Groups’ current offering to brokers, combining Stubben Edge’s innovative approach to insurance with Helodrium’s regulatory and compliance expertise. Additionally, Helodrium’s international outlook and specialism in governance will further support current and future brokers in their businesses. 

Neville Hunt, CEO of Helodrium, says, “I am delighted that Helodrium will be joining forces with Stubben Edge. Two innovative, client-focused firms combining to provide ideas and solutions to the financial services world. Together we will grow beyond the current range of territories in which we have clients as the combined resources and experience of the firms will naturally also extend our reach. We believe that client experience will be enhanced with the greater range of capabilities and solutions that we can jointly bring to the table.” 

Chris Kenning, CEO of Stubben Edge Group, notes, “We are so pleased to have Helodrium join Stubben Edge Group. Their unmatched knowledge and expertise of setting up Lloyd’s brokers backed by their strong London Market heritage will enable us to help our brokers expand into Lloyd’s as well as into international markets, supported by our offices in South Africa, India and Guernsey, and to continue to provide our brokers and Appointed Representative network with the highest quality services and support in starting, running and growing their businesses.” 

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