Stubben Edge and Pulse launch groundbreaking life insurance cover in partnership with Dutch reinsurer, De Hoop

UK-based FinTech Stubben Edge Group and Pulse Insurance Limited are pleased to announce the launch of Specialist Life insurance coverage, delivered through Stubben Edge’s Guernsey-based subsidiary, 1Edge Insurance PCC Ltd.

The groundbreaking product will provide cover for individuals across a range of pre-existing medical conditions, including cancers, heart conditions, mental health challenges, high BMI, cystic fibrosis, organ transplants, HIV, and long COVID. Specialist Life will ultimately fill a critical gap that often falls short in addressing insurance needs for specific individuals. The product will be delivered in collaboration with De Hoop, a Netherlands based reinsurer specialising in custom-made term life insurance in case of pre-existing medical conditions.

Speaking on the launch of the new product, Stubben Edge Group Deputy CEO, Karen Barretto said, “We are excited to extend our support to individuals whose difficult personal circumstances mean they often encounter challenges in obtaining insurance coverage. Through 1Edge’s technological advancements and partnership with Pulse Insurance and De Hoop, Stubben Edge Group is proud to offer a seamless and accessible solution during a critical juncture in customers’ lives.

“Among the ongoing frustrations in the insurance sector, our new life product signifies a beacon of hope. In a climate dominated by discussions on service levels and industry challenges, we take pride in offering a seamless and accessible solution. With the industry navigating a complex landscape, we believe that partnerships like ours can bring about positive change and rejuvenate the insurance experience for those who have faced barriers in the past.”

Pulse Managing Director, Torquil McLusky, added, “While it may not always be possible to find cover for every life, we pride ourselves on the commitment that, if coverage is available, we will find a solution and bridge the gap.

“1Edge and De Hoop’s partnership with Pulse showcases our commitment to delivering purposeful solutions, providing individuals with pre-existing medical conditions with a newfound sense of security and peace of mind. We believe that everyone deserves access to the right insurance, regardless of age or health, and the launch of Specialist Life reflects that commitment.” Specialist Life will be focused on UK residents, with a maximum sum assured of £850,000 for a maximum term of 10 years (with the flexibility to offer covers in excess of this). 1Edge will serve as the underwriters for the newly launched product, with Pulse Insurance acting as the UK broker, and De Hoop as the reinsurer.

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