Stubben Edge to launch 12-month Term Life Insurance cover

Bringing a fully digital 12-month product that can be sold alongside General Insurance products 

Stubben Edge Group is pleased to announce its latest insurance innovation: a new, fully digital 12-month Term Life Insurance product that any General Insurance broker can place for a client quickly and easily.

The product has been built to cover those people who are self-employed, sole traders or small businesses and thus need quick cover. Cover can cost as little as £6.76 per month (including charge for premium credit), and gives £50,000 to £200,000 via a relatively short question set. 

This is general life insurance policy insuring a client for 12 months, that any broker can sell without the onus of the usual specific requirements needed when procuring a whole life or long-term life insurance policy. A lump sum is payable in the event of the client’s death within this time-period, with very few exceptions. 

This Term Life cover is comprehensive: clients can get worldwide coverage, including cases of foreign travel and residence, and there are fewer restrictions on occupation. In addition, clients who have a short-term business loan or business finance product can get cover for the period of the loan/finance provided it is 12 months or less.  

Chris Kenning, CEO Stubben Edge Group said, “COVID-19 showed us how much life insurance is needed but also, how hard it is to for large parts of the country to access. Working on this innovative product we are closing the under-insured gap experienced by so many SME owners or those employed on short-term overseas contracts.” 

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